Owner Terms : Pin Click

End To End Property Management Solution

Pin Click’s Offerings for Owners

1. What are the models in which Pin Click operates?

Pin Click works extensively with its marketing partners to generate over 1000+ enquiries a day in Bangalore using which we enable home owners to find relevant tenants in much lesser time than most exisiting solutions/offerings do.

We work in two models – Tenant finding and Property Management Model.

2. Who do you rent out the property to?

We rent out property to families as well as bachelors. We will keep your preference in mind before renting out the property.

3. How do I list my house on Pin Click?

Get in touch with us by calling us on our toll free number or submitting an enquiry form on our website.

Our property advisors would call you to fix an appointment and request for a visit to the property. He would explain our offerings for homeowners.

4. What kind of rent can I expect on my property?

Based on our data research team, we would share the average rentals for similar communities in the micro market with you before we start marketing your apartment. Also, as the tenants start visiting the property we give you updtes on their feedback on both the rent and other parameters to ensure quick tenancy.

5. What do you charge for the service?

We charge 15 days plus service tax for tenant finding model and 45 days plus service tax for property management model.

6. Can I read the rental agreement before I sign it?

Yes, you can request a copy from our sales executive who visits you. In tenant finding model, the agreement will be directly between owner and tenant with Pin Click facilitating the documentation process. In Property Management model, the agreement will be between owner and tenant with Pin Click signing on behalf of the owner.

7. How can I terminate the contract with Pin Click?

Both the owner and PinClick can terminate the contract by giving a one month notice in Property Management Model.

Commercial terms : Rents/ Deposits

8. How much security deposit will I get?

We negotiate with the tenants on security deposit depending on the property and location and owner’s demand. As the same is paid by tenant and directly transferred to owner, the decision on the amount is left between the owner and tenant.

9. When will the rent start?

From tenant moving in date.

10. When will the rent get credited?

In tenant finding model, the date of rent will depend on the agreement terms. For property management model, the rent will be paid by tenant to Pin Click and Pin Click will deposit the same to owner before 8 th of the following month.

11. Who will pay the maintenance charges if any for the society?

Tenants would pay the maintenance charges, unless owner has adjusted the same in the rent and its part of agreement.

Property Management Services : Scope & Terms

12. What services are included in property management?

We provide end to end property management services to ensure that earning rental income from your flat becomes hassle free. The broad scope of our services is as follows:

Getting an apartment ready for renting as per PinClick standards

Marketing the property

Tenant acquisition and screening

Execution of lease/leave and license agreement with tenant

Collection of rent and deposit from tenant

Inspection of property whenever required or on owner's demand

Handling of tenant complaints and repair requests

Processing tenant termination and security deposit refunds

Carrying out repairs and renovation on tenant change to prepare the flat for a new tenant (at the outgoing tenant's cost)

13. Who does the repairs and who pays for them?

We have a vetted list of service providers who can handle all kinds of repairs. However, the tenants and the owners are not obligated to use their services.

When a homeowner signs an agreement with us, we vet the property as per Pin Click standards and request the owner to provide necessary repairs/ painting at the owner’s cost.

During the tenancy, the cost of the ongoing repair is borne by the tenants or the owner depending on the type of repair required in the home.

As and when the tenants vacate, we get the room/ bed/ home ready for the next tenant to move in. Any repairs required due to damages done, are borne by the outgoing tenant.

14. How will Pin Click ensure that the property is maintained well?

We conduct quartely property checks. Also, since we have a vetted list of vendors, the property issues get attended to in a timely and professional manner.

15. Who takes care of home repainting from time to time?

When a homeowner signs an agreement with PinClick, we require the owners to give us a freshly painted home.

Any painting requirement during the time the home is under the management of Pin Click, is done by Pin Click at the cost of the tenants.

16. Will I be able to inspect my flat while it’s occupied?

Yes absolutely. Just give us a 48 hour notice to check the tenant’s availability and we can schedule an inspection along with our property managers.

17. What happens if a tenant creates a nuisance in the society?

We speak to the tenants to ascertain the validity of the complaints and give them a notice about the complaints received. In case of repeated complaints, we give them a notice to vacate the flat.

18. How reliable is the tenant screening? Who is liable in case of any unexpected situation arises?

We verify tenant ID, address proof and employment status by thoroughly examining the documents submitted.

We also have a third party verification agency, which can do detailed checks if required at the owners request and at owner’s cost.

If there is any unexpected situation due to tenant screening fault, Pin Click will immediately terminate the tenant and complete all termination formalities. Pin Click will use best efforts to report any act of illegality to the appropriate forum and cooperate with any investigation.

19. Is police verification part of the tenant screening?

No, currently police verification is not part of the screening process.

20. What happens if there is a legal issue in relation to a tenant?

Our screening processes are in place to ensure that no such issues arise. However, in the unlikely scenario that an issue arises, we assist our homeowners in the legal proceedings, help in clearing dues to the extent of the deposit collected from the tenant and support in eviction process. We do not assume any liability of the legal proceedings and/ or consequential losses to the owner including rentals.