Smart City – What is it all about?


Ever since Narendra Modi has become India’s PM everyone seems to be talking about Smart Cities. Here’s a list of things that Centre has listed for a city to be categorized as a Smart City

  • Cities along the coast, hills as well as those having a population between one to four million could be among the 100 to be developed as Smart Cities.
  • Cities that desire to participate in the smart city programme should develop a financing plan along with their smart city development plan and detailed project reports factoring resources or support needed through various agencies.
  • 13 benchmarks for smart cities — transport, spatial planning, water supply, sewerage, sanitation, solid waste management, storm water drainage, electricity, telephone connections, wi-fi connectivity, healthcare facilities, education, firefighting and others like renewable energy as well as adopting green building norms.

Using an average figure of one million people in each of the 100 smart cities, the total estimate of investment requirements for the services covered by high power expert committee comes to `7 lakh crore over 20 years.

This translates into an annual requirement of 35,000 crore.