2015: Why we feel it will be a great year for Real estate?


While 2014 was a quite year for Real estate in India, 2015 is expected to be full of action. Here’s four reasons why we feel things will turn for good for the real estate industry in 2015

  1. Inflation: Finally India saw a zero inflation figure and the same will have an impact on borrowing rates in future. This will encourage a lot of buyers who are looking for home loans.
  2. Growth in market sentiment: The new and stable government has been able to bring back positivity in the sentiments which is visible in growth of GDP and metrics like hiring, income etc.
  3. Affordable homes: Budget made affordable homes a buzz line which every builder today is wanting to work towards. This will surely help bridge the gap between the demand and supply.
  4. Stable prices and good deals: 2014 being a slow year has ensured that prices have been more stable and realistic and with builders offering great offers, its surely a good time to enter the market.

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